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Stone Carving

Mentoring and Coaching Programmes

Can a Mentor help you?

Casual Meeting

Get Solutions For The Business Side Of Your Artist Journey if:

  • My art income is unpredictable

  • I am running out of space due to unsold artworks

  • My art is not getting the visibility it deserves 

  • I wonder how other artists have grown huge audiences

  • Teaching online is what I want to do but the tech overwhelms me

  • I’m not sure how to get represented by reputable galleries

  • Perhaps it’s too late… is there an audience for my work today?

What we can help you with:

  • Work Critique

  • Branding/Marketing Structure

  • Website Audits

  • Competitor Research

  • Campaigns & Ideas

  • Social Media Audits

  • Artists Statements/Bio Critiques

  • Portfolio Reviews

  • Pricing/Selling Feedback

  • Public Sector/Applications

  • Support

  • Finding New Audiences

  • Finding Galleries & Representation

  • Tailored Strategy/Target Setting & Goals/Assignments

  • Practicalities – setting up your business/shipping/framing

  • Getting Sales


Once you book your discovery call, you will be sent a pre-mentoring questionnaire to fill in and return. Kirstie will then go through your tailored strategies with your key areas to complete. We will also discuss what length on mentorship is in your best interest, whether it's a set accelerator length or a rolling monthly basis, but ultimately it is your choice. 

We will kick start your programme by having a private consultation, learning about your specific needs, setting goals and targets and giving you the direction you need.

Zoom Consultations

Marketing Structure

Work Critique

100% Personalised Roadmap

What you will recieve:

Refine your brand and learn how to market your art, showcasing it’s best potential. This will start to bring your arts business more traction and sales.

Receive advice from an industry professional. We will discuss your work, style, and technique to help you produce your finest work.

When learning about your specific needs, we will be giving you the direction you need through a personalised roadmap to success

Meet Your Mentor

We would like to introduce you to our Artist Mentor – Kirstie Tebbs. Kirstie is an Artist, Curator, Gallerist and Consultant Expert with a Masters in Fine Art, previously working as a sales consulatnt at Castle Fine Art and a Gallery Manager for Vache Bleue Galleries. With a successful history of selling high-end artworks, Kirstie wants to help emerging and established artists alike to reach their goals and get successful sales.


Your website

With our 12-point checklist, we can optimise your website to maximise your presence

Your socials

Let's unlock your potential through optimisation strategies, mastering hashtags and utilising analysation tools.

Your Portfolio

A Portfolio Review offers a professional evaluation, with guidance and ideas on how artists can effectively market their art. The session is designed to be highly supportive so artists can speak in an unguarded way about their ideas, a recent body of work or key concerns, and frustrations, including creative blocks.  

Your CV & Bio

Your CV and Bio is super important. It's a way for your audience to be able to connect with you, as well as your potential prospects.

What areas will we review?

Personalised Marketing and Sales System

Through our mentoring meetings, we will give you a 100% peronalised roadmap for your Marketing and sales system. If you choose the monthly rolling mentorship, you will receive a set of 4 workbooks we will complete together to fulling maximise your salses and marketing. 


Find Your Gap

We understand everything about you and your business-including that: the numbers matter, where you want to be, and why it's important to you. 

This system gets you back in touch with your goal, the reasons why you set up your art business in the first place and it keeps your goal front and centre so it can't be hidden, forgotten or comprimised. 


Foundation Blocks

Putting in place the basic marketing systems to equip you for success. Including: Marketing asset review, Google business profile, your follow up process, price reviews, re-marketing, systemised collection of reviews, your knowledge centre, your marketing calender, and more!


Fix Your Marketing

By far the 'beefiest' part of the system, this is where the bulk of the work will be.

The system breaks down everything into bite-size bits and you'll only ever tackle one or two pieces at a time, so you'll never be overwhelmed. 


Know The Score

If you don't know the score you can't tell the winners from the losers so together we'll start by understanding how many leads are expected from each marketing pillar, per week or month and then tracking what happens.

Sarah Hardy

"In the short time I have known and worked with Kirstie, I have always found her to be a force of positivity and light. The open minded and encouraging approach she displays in the running of Tebbs Contemporary Art Gallery is truly unique and refreshing in what can be quite a cut throat industry. She is knowledgeable above and beyond the art spectrum.
It’s an absolute joy working with Kirstie on the current podcast, where we can both combine our passion for helping others and creativity."


Please let us know your preferred contact times for your discovery call in the message! We will email you back with the questionnaire and to confirm the timing.

We prefer Saturday calls but we can work around you!

Thanks for booking your call!

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