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Featured Artist of The Week: Kavieng Cheng

Featured Artist of The Week: Kavieng Cheng!

"Kavieng Cheng is a London-based art director, designer, photographer and videographer from Hong Kong. Over the course of her studies and experience working in the advertising industry, her work encompasses a fascination with human nature for its ambiguity. She employs a variety of media that include image-making by the use of photography and graphic design to conceptualise these impalpable feelings into visual, tangible creations. Kavieng has garnered experience in art direction for fashion campaigns during the London fashion week, as well as multi-image campaigns for global brands such as Cup Noodles, Tempo, Yakult and Pocky during her internship with Dentsu Hong Kong and Wunderman Thompson. She has been particularly enthralled by the interplay between art and commerce in advertising, creating one of the most approachable visual mediums that uniquely blends the two fields to elicit a powerful emotional response in the human psyche. Through her work, Kavieng hopes to push for the intertwinement between art and commerce, to develop ideas that diversify the current advertising landscape, and to immerse the general public in the world of art."

Selected artwork:

Artworks in order:

Private Snoring Symphony, Photography, A4, 2021, £100

The the hat is inspired by the Victorian night cup for hair care and my dad noisy snoring. "Private Snoring Symphony" night hat is a pillow that aims to let people have a "Private Snoring Symphony" at night. The hat is in the shape of a concert hall, signifying that people can perform symphonic music in a concert hall. This artwork let people feel good about snoring. Snoring can be fun.

The Cigarette Book, printmaking, 56mm x 90mm x 25mm, 2020, not for sell

This book talks about why people smoke, it’s called the "The Cigarette Book". "The Cigarette Book" has 20 cigarettes, 20 cigarettes in 20 languages. More than a dozen stories, more than a dozen reasons to smoke. Use a cigarette time to understand the beginning of every cigarette.

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