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Featured Artist of The Week: Simone Swaine!

Featured Artist of The Week: Simone Swaine!

"Environment, exploration and materiality are key components to my practice, a means for me to

understand and communicate the world around me. Inspiration comes from my daily walks where I

observe nature, landscape and ecological processes. I am not searching for the literal truth instead I

seek an expressive and emotional reaction to process, place, time and geophysical activity.

Using experimental play as a strategy for making work I draw, collage, paint, print and sew onto

unconventional found, re purposed and ephemeral materials. My work develops in stages,

continuously reconstructing, deconstructing and manipulating these materials, nothing is wasted,

every fibre and thread cut is kept and used, paint on the table is mopped up by rags that will form

new works.

Defects and unintentional flaws are left visible, I avoid the urge to cover my mistakes instead they

become purposeful and create their own narrative. Their alterations happen haphazardly evoking new representations in parallel to my own intention. I play with the constraints alongside materiality and stretch these as far as I can. Heavily textured and layered surfaces are a powerful element of the work, engaging other senses besides sight to evoke sensations, memories and associations."

Selected artwork:

Artworks in order:


74 circles made from jetsam rags, paper and plastic; pulped. 90cm x 90cm approx. July

2021. Price on request.

The tangled lives that lay within the sea,

The fragments of stories that litter our shores.

Weather beaten, shark eaten, sea salt rotten.

Fisherman’s rags cruise liners linen, beach goers litter, a refugees scarf, a widows handkerchief; rags

and riches.

Collected, constructed, configured

Pulped, punched, pitched and stitched

This is their story.


Jetsam Floor tile, book page, card and thread. 30cm x 30cm. July 2021. £175

Land lay under foot,

People before stood,

Fragments of time,

Memories that are not mine,

Leiden the objects I find,

Society intertwined.

Holy Grail

Jetsam rag, paper and card. Acrylic paint and thread. 20cm x 30com approx. Aug 2021. £150

The sea is sore,

The things that it stores;

Sodden paper, burlap scrap, plastic mishap and all our crap.

We turn our back.

The sea, she churns it back.

Pick Pocket

Jetsam rusted metal, leather and thread. 15cm x 25cm approx. July 2021. £200

Washed ashore and laid bare,

Deformed and decayed objects

Discarded and redundant.

Battered by the elements

Laden with cracks, scars and bruises

They communicate their journey

I get lost amongst their story.


Jetsam plastic, card and thread. 30cm x 30cm. July 2021. £150

The tide cuts in and leaves a line.

She brings in a collection of her contents.

She communicates what is happening,

She tells us 1000 stories

She keeps a further 1000 secretes.

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