Charlee Piper

Collage, water colour, resin



Art is a necessity. Yet funding for the arts in so many communities is either first on the chopping block when economies turn sour, or it’s completely non-existent. In the wake of the Covid pandemic art has become a lifeline for so many, yet so many artists are finding themselves working “real” jobs just to get by, leaving them with little time or energy for the thing that really keeps them going. That is why we must fight ever harder to culture (verb) an appreciation of art and artists and how they contribute to our culture (noun).


CULTURE (verb) Art CULTURE (noun) was created using the definitions of art and culture cut from old dictionaries that were headed for the tip. A bit of clear resin and some drops of watercolour paints allude to the scientific definition of the word “culture” and the idea of growing something in a petri dish. If as much money were invested in the arts, and as much reverence paid to artists as is to scientists, perhaps we could cure some of the societal ills that plague so many. 



I am a self-taught, undisciplined, multi-disciplinary artist who specialises in linocut printmaking, watercolours, and textiles, amongst other occasional shenanigans. I create art because I must. For so many reasons. I must because I am able to express myself through art so much more succinctly than I can through words. I must because I have an overactive imagination that needs an outlet. I must because it calms the negative voices in my head. I must because the world needs more art.

Culture (verb) Art Culture (noun)

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