Rachel Bishop

Copper, felt, paper, ink



21st Century Eve is a study into how young women are expected to conform to life right now in the ever-watching gaze of social media platforms and popular woman’s magazines. What the media wants is perfection, waxed and contoured with a year-round bikini body… a woman who is pouting and selfie ready for the always on hand smart phone. Life lived through social media portrayed very differently to the realness and authenticity of who she really is and maybe wants to be.


Eve is made from copper but she is far away from perfect. She is tarnished and fractured in reality and weighed down by the expectation put onto her by the media and society to constantly be a vision of sleek and beautiful perfection. A constant need to conform and be labelled by modern “popular” society. Eve was never meant to fit in, she was and always shall be, made to stand out.


The words on each leaf come from, and are, used daily across social media platforms. The concept of this piece is to challenge these 21st century perceptions of beauty and normality and to ask what temptations are faced today? What would the original Eve make of it all?



I have always loved stories and storytelling, whether from a book, film, theatre, music, or the arts. I began making jewellery and glass art in 2003 and progressed to study a Ba(hons) Silversmithing and Jewellery from which I graduated in October 2019. During them three years as a silversmithing student, I developed a deep-rooted love of contemporary narrative jewellery, bringing my work to where it is today.


Most of my work is a re-telling of familiar stories from folktales, poetry, and song lyrics, narratives that I love and tell in my own way. Other pieces of my work come from stories I have created, and these become the illustrations so to speak.


I do enjoy creating pieces that are my vision of social commentary, ones that create a dialogue with others and are inviting to the viewer to take a closer look. I like to make wearable art that is designed to be challenging of perceptions and thought provoking. Creating in this way helps me to process what is going on in the world and to constantly question what is happening around me and to everyone else I share this planet with, an insight as to how I view this world.






21st Century Eve- Media Expectations

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