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2x 946ml/32oz Golden Isolation Coat

2x 946ml/32oz Golden Isolation Coat

SKU: G27-7760-7

Isolation Coat is the perfect product that protects the surface of an acrylic painting before the application of a removable varnish. The barrier layer also ensures a more even application of the varnish by unifying the paint surface. If the final varnish ever needed to be removed then the coat will isolate the underlying painting with a durable protective layer that is highly solvent resistant.


Please note - Golden place a high priority on the health and safety of the artists's studio and materials. They feel the artists should be aware of any potential hazards so Golden far surpass the required quantity of health and safety advice on their labels. Their products are not more dangerous, just more accurately labelled.


  • Order processing time is 1-3 working days.


    Shipping to the UK takes between 1-2 weeks, however most customers get their supplies within 7 days.


    Shipping internationally takes between 1-4 weeks depending on location.


    If you need supplies by a certain day please do contact before ordering.

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