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15ml Dr. Ph. Martin's Bombay Inks Box Set 2

15ml Dr. Ph. Martin's Bombay Inks Box Set 2

SKU: Dr05-800852
  • Set of 12, 0.5 oz plastic bottles with droppers and mixing palette.
  • Vibrant India inks made from the finest ground pigments.
  • Lightfast, permanent, and waterproof when dry.
  • 24 unique colors available across two different sets.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Imported from USA (Sizes & Specifications are based on the USA Market).
  • Dr. Ph. Martin's Bombay India Inks offer powerful color in a
    convenient plastic bottle. These highly pigmented India inks not
    only remain lightfast and permanent, but are also totally
    waterproof when dry. They adhere to nearly all surfaces and are
    non-clogging when used in pens. Inks can be diluted with water
    and used with brushes in traditional watercolor techniques or in
    dip pens, technical drawing pens, and airbrushes. All colors are
    brilliant and transparent, except black and white, which are
    opaque and have excellent covering power. Each set includes 12
    different colors in 0.5 oz (15 ml) plastic bottles and a custom
    mixing palette. Set 2 Colors: Golden Yellow, Orange, Tangerine,
    Crimson, Cherry Red, Red Violet, Aqua, Turquoise, Yellow Ochre,
    Terra Cotta, Van Dyke Brown and Sepia.

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      Shipping internationally takes between 1-4 weeks depending on location.


      If you need supplies by a certain day please do contact before ordering.

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