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4x 250ml Sennelier White Drier

4x 250ml Sennelier White Drier

SKU: S26-135053

Save RRP: £7.20


  • Colourless drier containing calcium salts (which activate the natural drying of pigments).
  • Does not alter the shades or the quality of the touch.
  • Non-yellowing.
  • Can be used up to 15%.
  • Oily solution of certain metallic salts to dry oils in a few hours.
  • Hyperventilates the oil to  demand more oxygen and accelerate the hardening of the paint layers.
  • Does not spoil the shades or the quality of the brushstroke.
  • Reduces the difference that naturally exists between the normal drying of most colours and the slow drying tendency of other colours.
  • Can be mixed directly with oil colour (maximum 2%) or thinner, adding several drops (maximum 5) per 5 ml.
  • Excessive drying will affect the final quality of the paint film.
  • Order processing time is 1-3 working days.


    Shipping to the UK takes between 1-2 weeks, however most customers get their supplies within 7 days.


    Shipping internationally takes between 1-4 weeks depending on location.


    If you need supplies by a certain day please do contact before ordering.

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