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53.4748946-2.2042407 Original by Dave McCorry

53.4748946-2.2042407 Original by Dave McCorry

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Mixed media


Part of my ongoing series of drawings called Fall Into Memory where I am exploring how memory of landscape and place are moulded, changed and influenced by our access to our recording of these places. During lockdown the importance of place and landscape became ever more important in attempts to seek contact with the outside world. Certain spaces and places became ever more significant and this drawing, whose title refers to the latitude and longitude of the place the drawing is based on, is based on my home which itself gained more significance throughout lockdown for obvious reasons. The drawing itself is an attempt to represent a sense of place but remains resolutely abstract such as memories and recall of place and space can only be. The colours chosen give reference to what my memory recalls as some of the colours of the building I live in. I am trying to share the abstract nature of memories and recall of place, space and landscape through abstract drawings based on significant spaces, places or landscapes. I use photography, printing, sketchbook drawings, tracing, carbon paper, inks, pens, pencils and some paint to build my drawings.


  • I am a mental health nurse. It can be a very challenging day. In response I draw. A lot. I make marks, usually with pens, sometimes with pencil. I paint. I draw again. I draw more and sometimes put paint in the spaces I draw and draw on the spaces I paint. I walk in and among and within landscapes, in places where I can temporarily get away from people and somehow connect with the land, the sky, the space that is external to me, away from relationships, from indications, from concerns, from meaning. I breathe deeply and connect with the land I am in, the space I inhabit in the place where I stand. I watch and try to see the space and place around me. I feel the wind push the trees and the rain shove the water and I notice the smell and the lines and the shapes and the marks on the stones and the walls. I see the clouds shift and smell the rain and I look for the marks made by time and water and movement and man.

    And I notice. I pay attention. I watch and reflect. I document, record and react.



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