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946ml/32oz Golden Colour Pouring Medium Matte

946ml/32oz Golden Colour Pouring Medium Matte

SKU: G23-3502-7

Golden Matt Medium is a viscous, pourable acrylic medium useful for extending colours, increasing translucency and decreasing gloss. It is also useful as a translucent ground.


Lowering Sheen
To lower the sheen of a paint colour or another medium, begin by adding one of the matt mediums in increments of about 10% of the total volume. It is helpful to brush out each mixture, and let dry on a piece of paper to note the difference in sheen. With some experimenting, it will become easier to know how much of the matt medium is required to achieve the desired gloss.

If it seems that additions of the Fluid Matt Medium or Matt Medium are too great to achieve the desired result, and that other attributes of the mix, such as colour intensity, opacity, or thickness, are affected, switch to the Super-Loaded Matt Medium, which should achieve the desired mattness with about a third of the addition of the other matt mediums.

Use as a Translucent Ground
Both Matt Medium and Fluid Matt Medium can be used as translucent grounds, sometimes referred to as "clear" gessoes. They are thin enough to penetrate canvas and other porous substrates easily, and the matting solids provide an adequate "tooth" for additional paint layers. In thin applications both products can appear quite translucent, while darkening the canvas to a small degree. The darkening effect, similar to a “wet look”, is somewhat more pronounced with the Matt Medium. Bear in mind that Golden Gessoes will have excellent tooth, and are typically suggested for alkyd and oil paintings.

Apply the Matt Medium and Fluid Matt Medium in much the same manner as recommended for the application of a gesso layer. Apply one or more coats, keeping in mind that additional layers will gradually make a more opaque overall film.

Note: Applying a matt product over an absorbent surface may cause a "frosted" appearance. As the acrylic medium penetrates, the matting solids are left behind on the surface. Over highly absorbent dark passages, such as on top of canvas coated with Golden Black Gesso, severe whitening may occur. This can be corrected by applying a coat of Golden GAC 100 or Polymer Medium (Gloss) over the frosted area, which will once again encapsulate the matting solids, returning the transparent look. The frosting can be avoided by applying a coat of GAC 100 or Polymer Medium (Gloss) before a matt medium is applied. Liquid and low viscosity Matt Mediums should be gently stirred or shaken before use, as settling of matting solids can occur.



Use as a Decoupage Glue: 
Golden Matt Medium has been used successfully as a decoupage glue by many collage artists. The fact that it has a very low sheen makes it ideal, as it does not impart a "plastic" gloss to the work. If the whiteness of multiple coats does become troublesome, blend in Polymer Medium (Gloss) to decrease the matting solid level.

Multiple Layers of Matt Mediums: 
The application of several layers of a matt medium will become increasingly opaque and begin to lighten the colours underneath. Multiple layers can also impart a greyish cast due to the natural colour of the matting solids if built up to an extreme. If an artist is using a matt medium as a glazing base for multiple glazes, they should consider using Polymer Medium (Gloss) instead for the best clarity. After the artwork is completed, a matt varnish can be applied to give a flat finish to the work. This will result in better film clarity because there is only one layer of matting solids to look through.

Please note - Golden place a high priority on the health and safety of the artists's studio and materials. They feel the artists should be aware of any potential hazards so Golden far surpass the required quantity of health and safety advice on their labels. Their products are not more dangerous, just more accurately labelled.


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