Davina Pulis

Ink on paper



Akin is my response to the theory that our identity is an amalgamation of the traits exhibited by the people in our lives. We as individuals bleed into one another and absorb the qualities and flaws of those closest to us. The resulting whole is an identity unique to us, but one composed of fractals of others, akin to those around it.



I’m Davina, a non-binary artist who grew up in Derry, Ireland and I am currently based in Preston, England. My passion for abstract, inky mark making and line work shows itself through all of my works. Fine lines have always been a part of my practice as an artist, but only in recent years has mark making come to the forefront of my process. The fluidity of the ink lends itself well to my fascination with change in perception, and by being open to this, we allow growth in ourselves. 





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