Jude Maguire

Woven etching



Apart Together, is an etching that has been spliced into sections and woven together to represent both the physical separation we have experienced during the covid pandemic and the feeling of being drawn together through our shared experience. The original etching was a grouping of houses chosen to represent community. During the last 18months we have had to learn to adapt and extend out community. We are linked by our experiences, but I feel we are stronger together. 



I work primarily with print, but with a passion for drawing. My interest in landscape and architecture has always inspired my drawing and printmaking. I am fascinated by line and how by simply using lines and shapes ~I can build narratives that are representative of our houses and dwelling spaces. I am particularly drawn to the triangular form of the gable ends of buildings, whether they be simple sheds, suburban homes, or industrial warehouses.


In seeing buildings as shapes, and focusing on how they relate to each other, I often view them as representations of memory rather than depictions of specific houses. In some drawings, I limit the forms and space I can work within, which enables me to engineer constraints to create different viewpoints and commentaries.


This exploration encompasses both the formal aspects of architectural and geometric shapes and how this can be interpreted within the sense of home, shelter, work and human endeavour.




Apart Together

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