Olivia Pritchard

Acrylic on card, acrylic beads



All living things are connected by smaller living things that enable life to thrive.


For my petri dish submission, I chose to focus on the interconnection between humans and the natural world through the sharing of bacteria in my ‘microcosm’ of the world. I named the piece Breathe, to highlight the importance of microbes/bacteria in sustaining life on our planet. In the painting, a figurative form shows the complex internals of the human body inhabited by bacteria, fuelling the functions of the body. The bacteria cells are released from lungs into the open atmosphere. These microbes then transfigure and morph into the natural environment affecting water, soil, and plants.


All fundamental materials and elements that humans depend upon to thrive are affected by the magical strength of bacteria.




I try to embody the idea of myself as adventurer through my practice. I find that installation, performance, film, and sculpture are always mediums I weave my way back to, searching for new finds and new possibilities among these. A drive for my work and for myself to maintain artistic momentum is the exploration of the unknown and undiscovered.


I have always loved history and the mysteries it brings, and I often take from historical sources. Although I never fully physically present in ‘other time’ spaces and other peoples experiences, I am endlessly curious as to how I can gain insight into states of ‘being’. Trying to understand thoughts and realities of people across cultures and time periods has affected my processes surrounding my work.


Recently, my influences have been informed by research into Buddhist and Shamanic ideologies as well as rituality. Artist Ana Mendieta has had a powerful effect on how I visualise and understand myself and my perception on what it means to be human.


My recent installation considered the ritual of burial, taking casts from my body and recreating burial placements in what is considered ‘modern’ spaces to test reactions and formed opinions. Redefining and inventing something that does not exist yet is what I seek. I strive to uncover the processes and thoughts that have not be achieved whether this is physically or conceptually. To find the ‘hidden treasure’, whatever this may be.




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