Maia Weerdmeester

Red, yellow, blue sharpies



Chaos theory supports the view that small errors or alterations can ultimately lead to huge changes in consequences. And so it is in life.


Consider how different your world may be if you had taken a different route that day… or if you hadn’t met that person on the bus… or left the house earlier.


The smallest changes can lead to hugely different outcomes for us, those whom we interact, the environment, and ultimately the planet.


The work I create is geometric without precision. It is repetitive without replication. Each attempt to repeat a process is ridden with slight differences in spacing, thickness of line, and colour intensity; thus, leading to different outcomes each time.


Move around the piece as you look, and witness the almost kinetic, constantly changing patterns.


Chaos in practice.




I draw when my mind is struggling. It is my response to difficult life experiences and a way to remove myself from the chaos.


The use of repetition, and simple, fundamental elements- such as primary colours and straight lines- minimises the anxiety of decision making. It is at once mundane, repetitive, rhythmic, monotonous, torturous, calming, painful, satisfying, meditative… and infinitely compelling.


The outcome is not important.


The process is.

Chaos In Theory

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