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Chemical Garden Original by Megan Rogers

Chemical Garden Original by Megan Rogers

SKU: 006

PVA, ink, pen


“Chemical Garden’ is an oxymoron. I was inspired by my garden surrounding my home. I have seen multiple animals every day during the lockdown period. This was my view everyday while confined to my home. I combined the materials of my practice with my perspective. This artwork is made from PVA, ink and paint. The translucent nature of the glue is apparent when placing the work in the sun. It exhibits the duality of its name by revealing life from a chemical material.


  • My practice focuses on the interaction of colour and the personal association the audience will impose onto an artwork before accepting the narrative of the artist. I have found the most interest in working with the fluid nature of ink and PVA. Experimenting with different consistency and using paint creates a texture that the mind will attempt to make an image from. 


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