Sally Butcher 

Archival Photograph (egg, ink & hand gel) 30 x 30cm (framed)



This piece is symbolic of those potential mothers-to-be who had their assisted conception procedures halted during the early stages of the pandemic, when clinics were ordered to close. These fabricated images mimic days 1-5 of cell development as shown through a time lapse recording, an increasingly common add-on in these procedures. Such a technique uses a computer, rather than the human eye, to closely monitor the growth of the embryo by photographing every few minutes, aiming to give a more accurate prediction of survival, before it is returned to the mother’s uterus. But here, during this unprecedented time, the highly controlled laboratory environment has transferred to an artist’s studio: the incubator is now open to changes of light and temperature, the petri dishes contain (unfertilised) hen eggs and an inky sperm like substance, with the whole process recorded by a snapping mobile p