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Cosmology Series no. 1, 2 Originals by Kirstie Tebbs

Cosmology Series no. 1, 2 Originals by Kirstie Tebbs

SKU: 041

Paper, brown paper, ink, acrylic


Cosmology Series explores the astrology and the cosmos around us. I believe that we come from the stars and when we die, our spirits will return to the stars. In this 2-part mini-series, I am exploring the materiality of the papers, inks, ­and acrylics within the containers. The way the light shines through, the patterns trapped within, the forms and textures I have created. The mundane things around us can come to life if they are shown in the right way. For me, the beauty encapsulated in the hole-punched works is shown at its’ strongest with the suns’ rays shine through and interact with the particles of the materials. 



  • I am a multi-disciplinary artist inquiring into 'being', exploring the philosophical ideas of presence, time and substance. My aim in my art is to showcase the idea of 'being' in an interactive installation space through perception, the infinite, absence, and presence. Currently studying Ma Fine Art at University of Hertfordshire. Founder of Tebbs gallery.

    Published in The Howling Press, Issue 2 (2021); and The Postcard Project (2020); Longlisted for Doncaster Art Fair Prize (2021) Winner of Lincoln College Gibney Award (2015); Regional Finalist of ICE (2011). Exhibited internationally including, but not limited to: Almost Endless, Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art, Pennsylvania, US (2021); Doncaster Art Fair, Virtual, UK (2021); VAA International Art exhibition, VAA, Online, UK (2021); Violet Lenses: Free Range, Brewer’s Gallery, London, UK

    (2020); For the Love of Art, Elizabeth James Gallery, London, UK (2019). Permanent artworks on display at Hitchin Information Office. Member of VAA, A-N, Art Aviso.


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