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Courage Original by Dina Klumbys

Courage Original by Dina Klumbys


Dina is a self-taught artist from South London. Her pieces have a laid-back simplicity with a modern touch and are greatly inspired by her childhood upbringing in a little European country, Lithuania, the beauty of nature, and vibrant colours were part of everyday being. Dina`s art is abstract realism, and she commissions pet portraits. Painting for Dina is a poetic expression, a state of mind.  It is her self-proclaimed meditation. The colours are the "language of her soul". Dina creates artwork that is both an expression of her life and the world around her in a joyous, uplifting way.

All the paintings were done in 2024.

Animals have their own personality and soul. They are such an integral part of many of our lives and even more so part of nature and our environment.  Their voice needs heard just like ours. I would like more people to be able to experience the connection with animals.


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