Kyra Gibson

Natural ground materials, artificial art mediums including acrylic paint, resin



A Sample of Our Oceans creates a visual representation of the hidden and devastating effects of crude oil and its products, to marine life, oceans, and water supplies. Oil sits on the surface, blocking natural sunlight, whilst physical properties of oil coat marine life and surfaces- demonstrated with a visible substance present within this petri dish, causing detrimental and irreversible effects on our environment. 



A recent fashion design graduate and artist, with a strong interest in the world of science, my work often explores science-based concepts. Projects include Oil makes your fashion, a collection exploring the cognitive dissonance we share with crude oil and its products. My most recent work includes my graduate collection The fluidity of human expression including sustainable coconut shell beads and buttons as well as reclaimed string for knitwear, which can be viewed on my website.

Crude oil expansion- A Sample of Our Oceans

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  • All petri dishes will not be released for shipping until after the Petri Dish Project physical exhibition. If you would like it before then please contact for arrangements.