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diStorTioN Original by Sophie Donovan

diStorTioN Original by Sophie Donovan

SKU: 042

Lino print, acrylic and collaged photocopies


diStorTioN despite small, was a difficult piece to make. Created in the late summer between 2nd and 3rd year of university, not only was my practice changing but also my home life was crumbling around me. Coming out of an exhausting year, I couldn’t find the motivation nor creative impulse to complete this piece. My practice this year had centred around physical interweaved glitches, digital errors and distortion, but now I felt emotionally distorted, my thoughts felt interweaved and malfunctioned. I, myself, had become the work. This piece is honest, created in late nights in a dimly lit room. It was made with the only materials I had access to, as everything else is packed up to move out of my family home. It represents the end of an era, as my practice develops and my life moves forward. I’m not too sure if I’m proud of it, but I’m proud of me for creating it.


  • Multi-disciplinary artist Sophie Donovan is currently in her 3rd year studying Fine Art at York St John University. Her mixed media practice explores the relationship between technology and the artist through the use of painting, lino print, drawing, collage and photocopying. By manipulating abstract prints and drawings using a photocopier multiple times on the same piece of paper, digital errors occur and cover, distort, or interweave with each other. She aims to embrace the lack of lack of control when using a photocopier and question at which point the technology becomes the artist instead of the practitioner. Whether a purposeful or accidental distortion, the resulting abstract paintings rely solely on chance. 


    Instagram: northern.scum

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