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Entry of Christ to Jerusalem Original by  Katherine Katzarov

Entry of Christ to Jerusalem Original by Katherine Katzarov


35x50 cm

mixed media on paper


Depiction of the famous biblical episode , executed in vibrant colours.


"My artworks symbolise the overlap between the realm of celestial spirituality and the earthly , ephemeral world of reality. Most of all, they embody an isle of spiritual light amongst the putrid earthly universe- a vehement expression of inner serenity, a continuation of a moment in time , imbued with introspective beauty and tranquility. Every artwork is imbued with my sincere veneration for the particular Saint or , Holy figure , depicted in vivid colours, the palette of which predominantly contains the symbolical hues of gold, red and green. Every piece resonates with the music of momental tranquility, echoing in eternity with its authentic visuals, fruit of my craft. My aim is to revive traditional iconography, in order for it to obtain an eminent status in contemporary art , akin to its aesthetic significance during times of past."

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