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Espresso Martini with Pistachio Macarons by Riva Ullmann

Espresso Martini with Pistachio Macarons by Riva Ullmann


Coffee, acrylic paint and mixed media

38 x 28 cm


The artwork is made up of many layers of coffee washes, collage, paint mixed with coffee, crayons and pens.
Espresso martini is the inspiration and the green of pistachio led the way with colour and humour



  • Riva Ullmann lives in Yorkshire, UK & has been a creative forever.
    Art is so much more than paint on canvas,paper or board
    It is essentially made from marks,
    lines, brushstrokes and the application of paint.
    But a painting can speak to your heart, invoke powerful emotions, conjure long-forgotten memories, and take your breath away.
    It’s a visual poetry
    Riva preferred paint is acrylic and she uses a variety of mark making tools and sometimes collage pieces to introduce line and texture ,these marks, movement and colour choices convey an atmosphere and a collision of joy on the canvas.
    She loves the discovery of a painting from the initial marks, the many layers creating history, irresistible flashes of colour and the continual shift,creating a heart beat.
    As a painting develops, there are thoughts and ideas as each layer responds to the previous set of marks,
    This process of adding and subtracting allows the final image to be slowly revealed.
    It can be totally unpredictable taking many twists and turns, this creates a unique history to each painting .
    When the unexpected happens it creates a magic all on its own ! taking the painting in a direction you don’t expect....and a happiness that she cannot put into words.
    “That’s why I paint. The sheer joy of creating something out of nothing, starting with an idea
    and then seeing it take on a life of its own,
    How lucky am I ?”

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