Cameron Lings

Wood and black paint



Human loss, throughout the Coronavirus Pandemic, has always been a fearful factor, possessing national and international significance. Here, I realise how 12 months of death, can manifest itself visually.


Despite this blackened abstract form physically existing within the confines of its container, it still holds metaphorical notability within the real world. This sculpture’s structure and composition is generated from the statics of daily Covid-19 related deaths, throughout the UK, over a 12-month period. The fluctuation of movement, within the rectangular segments, depicts the increases and decreases in national deaths. A mere millimetre of compositional change in this piece, represents the loss of over 100 lives.


Here, we share viewpoint of researchers, victims, and bystanders, as we can examine the data, and behold the loss, which has changed our modern world. This form exists among us, and still is being generated. We will all have experienced encounters of Covid-19 death, and here they are collaboratively met within a singular form.



Throughout my extensive artistic practice, aspects of time, data and statistics are combined within the context of a singular event, in order to realise an abstract yet functionally readable piece of work. This is where I aim to both question and challenge our perception of space and traditional numeric (which is often how we record aspects of environment). My belief being that where we can record data, a form of art can, and does, exist within it, waiting to be unearthed with a physical system of creation

Evidence of Consequence

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