Ezgi Kaya

Beans and paint pen



Words on beans:

“A steaming bowl of fasülye and rice for dinner. I hate is and complain every time. My least favourite food made by mum again. I should be grateful. Not this time or ever. “Yemekte ne var?” “Fasülye.” Tragedy! Maybe I’ll like it someday. Tomorrow I will eat something delicious.”


Fasülye is a participatory text work that is part of my mundane everyday thoughts. It is a small story that happens every time a specific event occurs in my life. That specific event is every time my mum makes Fasülye for dinner. Fasülye translates to Beans from Turkish. It is one of the most eaten dishes in Turkish cuisine, made with either dried beans or fresh green beans. At this point in my life, I don’t like either but perhaps in the future, it might be my favourite dish. Different foods have different meanings for everyone. Every culture has their own way of preparing and cooking foods. I hope with this work you will reminisce the dishes of your culture that you love and hate, or perhaps try something new.


Please pick up the beans and participate.



I am a multidisciplinary artist from London currently working on unlearning everything I learned from art school. My research involves looking into the evolution of languages and the link between them, histories of migration, the loss of mother tongues, translations, typography, and poetry. My works are based on stories and poems that I write inspired by the little and most tender moments of life that people tend to miss. These texts are translated into films, screen prints, sculptures, books, and participatory works.





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