Paula García Stone

Plaster relief



Fossilised Mammalia is a play on ideas in biology, the growing of forms from cells, as implied in my petri dish, which is possibly a female torso. The origins of life are fossilised or petrified.


I relate this piece to my work with ESEM (Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope) images of my skin and blood. I have made a series of light boxes with duration images incorporating my medical data and macro images from nature, observed through a circular portal, a window into the hidden building blocks of the human figure. A different perspective on imaging and representing the human body and creating a self-portrait.


A/P (Edition of 5)




I started out as a painter in 1982, then worked through various materials and formats. In 2003, I received a mature student award from the Rootstein Hopkin’s Foundation, to do a master’s degree in Creative Technology at the University of Salford, for which I received a distinction. While on this course, I began to use sound for the first time in my art and worked with a nano scientist from the University of the Arts, London.


I divide my creative output between sound pieces and visual works, as well as the daily demands of living with Type 1 Diabetes. I work small with the physical visual work, and I like the fact that sound can go out into a big space. Although seemingly quite different, the focus in my compositions continue to be based on the human experience, sometimes of dis-ease, though less explicitly. I have also returned to drawing. As I am from a long tradition of Visual/Fine Art, I was struck using visual language in sound composition, such as shape, form, background and foreground, gesture, and so on. The spatial and therefore corporeal aspect also fits with my focus and thinking, especially as for me, the human presence is there even in its absence. The obvious temporal aspect in what I do has naturally led onto short film making.

Fossilised Mammalia

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