Jordan Verdes

Giclée Photographic Print on Hahnemühle German Etching, Paper and Double-Sided Archival Tape in Petri Dish



From.Glue.Linked, 2021, is part of a series of sixteen photographs and forty-eight words taken from various locations in London. Using a mobile application What3Words, each photograph has been assigned a unique three word code and records the 3mx3m location in which the image was taken. Each dish depicts an area of tree bark from these spaces and edited to resemble the results of Scanning Electron Microscopy. SEM differs from conventional microscopy by using electrons to examine specimens magnified tens of thousands of times, producing images in greyscale. With microscopy, one is examining a detailed constituent of a greater subject or specimen. The images in this series are much the same, where one photograph shows a small part of a 9m2 area.


The series maps some of the Artist’s movements during the easing of

lockdown restrictions in the UK, as well as examining a small part of the visited area. The recorded codes track spaces around the Artist’s home, place of work and local country parks. Viewers can use the same application to input the three words that each work is labelled with to visit these locations.




Jordan Verdes (b. 1996, London) is a London based, multidisciplinary

artist, working predominantly between analogue photography and painting. Within each discipline, he is meticulous in his approach to studio practice, materials, preparation, and process. More recently, Verdes’ focus on his painting practice has become studious. His interest in materiality has led him to strip back his paintings to their bare strainers. In a process of deconstruction fed by research, every constituent of the painting is considered; the canvas, wood and even the fastenings used to make his surfaces are no exception. This investigative approach to making work is refined through material experiments to create layered outcomes.