Lucie Brown


Watercolour and Oil

Halima is an Afghan woman who took to the streets in show of defiance against the Taliban. The striking image I seen on the news of strong and courageous Halima provided inspiration for this painting. The colours of the Afghanistan flag are applied boldly to the painting whilst Halima is placed centrally.

Lucie Brown is a portrait artist based in the North East of England who uses colour and texture to produce a tension between abstraction and representation. Gestural brush strokes of colour that represent the personality of her subjects are applied separately onto her canvas to emphasise a freedom of expression alongside the more conventional, meticulous detail. These painterly gestures serve to add movement to the work whilst both framing and interrupting a traditional perception of what portraiture is, and in doing so, challenges an audience to not only consider illusionary space, but also observe the materiality of the painted surface.


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