Kate Hart Potapoff

Organic watercolours, ink, paper vellum, gold leaf



“Waiting to be discovered is a wildness which is smaller, darker, more complex and interesting, not a place to stride over but a force requiring constant negotiation.” – Kathleen Jamie, A Lone Enraptured Me


A study of mixing paint, ink, paper vellum, and gold leaf. It is an exploration of the wonder that can be found in the tiny, small ad infinitesimal. The work focuses attention on ‘being’ in a moment of making and the experience of losing sense of time, allowing minutes to fall away into hours. Just like the wildness of which Jamie speaks, the creative process also requires constant negotiation.



My practice is defined by seeking spirit; a curiosity to understand the world and my palace within. At the centre of my practice is a desire to make art which invites humans to consider the relationships with their more-than-human kin. Interwoven materials, both the materials which comprise our landscape and the materials that provoke the thinking and making responses of the artist, are imbued with intimacy and texture. They can be used as imposition or invitations to inhabit a space that remains undefined, liminal places in which to exchange ideas, shift perceptions, and explore diverse ways of expressing creativity. 





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