Su Bonfanti

Drafting film



I could try to write something profound about matter/antimatter, presence/absence, negative/positive pace. But what I really want is for you to enjoy playing with this piece. Choose a few of the cut layers; 4 to 6 works best. Put them in the dish. Close the lid. Hold it up to the light. Enjoy the random pattern of light and dark. Shake it around. Have another look. Change some of the layers. Look again.


Remember that there is always more to see, always some random pleasure lurking in the patterns of the universe.



An interest in multiple narratives and versions is a theme across my work. I think it comes from being a twin, which means life is full of multiple stories and other points of view derived from a single experience. As a child I become fascinated by archaeology, and the potential for reconstructing the past from silent fragments. And this too always contains many possible versions. My process, whether in drawing, photography, or textile, is based on reconstructing and re-constructing, bringing to light more of my world.

Kaleidoscope of Light

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