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Lagoon Nebula Original by Jordan Jane Witt

Lagoon Nebula Original by Jordan Jane Witt

SKU: 016

Resin, alcohol inks


The piece I am exhibiting has been made from resin and alcohol inks; two niche media. My practice has always been science-based and on a large scale, however, since graduating from Falmouth University in 2020, I began to focus more on illustrations and working digitally. This is predominantly due to space issues and logistics. The Petri Dish Project has provided me with an ideal opportunity to return to science-based art but on a much smaller scale. 



  • Colour, shape, and configuration are essential principles in Jordan’s practice. The forms and dynamic surfaces in both Jordan’s paintings and sculptures devise an ebb and flow movement, which initiates a haptic and tactile perception and evokes an exuberant and positive uplift.


    Witt is looking at materials as a means of communication, whether that is expanding on unorthodox or traditions media, or utilising everyday objects to construct new forms.

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