Caitlin Pengelly

Acrylic paint, paint pens, fabric collage



“Love Me Resentfully” is a mixed media piece. Consisting of collaged, painted fabric and embroidered felt the environment within the petri dish, once beautiful, is growing and decaying. At its core, the work is an idealised utopian environment, much like Earth the perfect habitable place. A natural world realised through memories of places, experiences within them and daydreams after the fact. The 3D foreground of the piece reflects upon the continued nightmarish state of the planet due to the habits of humanity, resulting in issues such as climate change. Within the petri dish, humanity behaves like microorganisms or bacteria, decaying and destroying the natural world as it thrives in its perfect environment. Science is seen as the answer to many of the problem’s humanity has caused. Within humanity, there must be an understanding about what can be done on a personal level to help restore nature, however, is there an underlying ignorance and bitterness towards these personal challenges that may outweigh the affection and need for natural balance? The work aims to challenge the points and invites the audience to reflect on their own fond experiences of nature and consider what it would be like without them. 



Currently based in Merseyside but originally from Somerset, my practice consists of painting, sculpture, mixed media and digital paintings. Exploring many branches, I am stimulated by the countryside I grew up with but also heavily driven by my interest in science and the natural world. Natural and organic forms, vibrant colours and the representation of motifs, patterns and textures amalgamate, becoming visually abstracted depictions of memories of an environment on a tactile and atmospheric level. I find myself constantly longing for green, natural space and a desire to be surrounded by it. Living in Liverpool has allowed me to think about this desire, discovering that my practice is a way to explore the natural world I have absorbed visually over the years and project these experiences onto surfaces I work on. I find the work I produce comforting during the process of making and after the fact, the act of remembering through the works production result in “Zen” like state, where the calm I feel within nature emerges within the studio.


I aim for my work to project the feeling of need, leaving the viewer feeling happy and yearning to be surrounded by the natural world themselves, exploring and understanding deeper than their initial observations. The layering of different fields of patterns, textures and motifs creating depth and dimension coming together to feel inviting and intriguing. Also encouraging the viewer to remember their own experiences in a new light similarly to the way I remember through creation.

Love Me Resentfully

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