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Malala Original by Laura Marsden

Malala Original by Laura Marsden

SKU: 040

Acrylic on canvas.


This piece depicts human rights and female education activist, Malala Yousafzai. I believe she represents hope, and possibility in a climate where so many women in the world are subject to violence and control.


  • Laura creates vivid portrayals of women, in acrylic medium, using sharp, neat lines and solid colour to produce a Pop Art style. Marks are deliberate and often stylised, with patterned backgrounds and a neon aura around the subject, highlighting their power. Laura’s textile design training is evident in her use of pattern and print design in her work.

    Laura seeks to celebrate the subjects she paints. Each piece tells a story of the subject via representation and detail, such as necklaces making a statement in text. She is very inspired by music videos, and film, having spent teenage years watching a lot of MTV and in cinemas! Laura is also very influenced by fashion, and how women use this as an expression of themselves. Themes of nostalgia, coming-of-age, and reminiscence also feature in her work.


    Historical and contemporary figures serve to inspire Laura’s work, as well as important women in her life. Feminism driving her choices of subject. Some pieces portray women whom Laura has long admired, others represent an emotive or historical moment in time. Laura’s interest in observing people, and what drives them is realised in every work.


    Instagram: @neon_aura

    Facebook: @neonaura


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