Lindsay Jane Lloyd

Oil, collage, ink on mixed media paper



This microscopic ecosystem is a mixed media painting using glazes of multi layered oil paints, ink and collage on paper. A beautiful rainforest filled with diverse life. At first glance this little world is purely a depiction of trees and leaves… but it is a little more. Look closely and you may spot the eyes of a sloth or a capuchin, or the vibrant flash of feathers of a macaw. The still green water hides rocks and turtles as it meanders into the distance. Each brushstroke represents one person all living in perfect symbiosis within this enclosed world of biodiversity.



I paint subjects that make me happy to be alive, from the richness of verdant greenery dripping with unsung words, to the unspoken messages and tributes to loved ones on the city streets. I am perhaps better known for my depictions of city life on 3D glass, but after wonderful times spent in the rainforest of Costa Rica, and a lifetime love of nature, I have been lured into recreating these perfect ecosystems in mixed media on canvas, paper, board, and glass. My jungle and rainforest landscapes are all about transporting myself and my audience into this magical environment, where nature surrounds us, a path or a stream draws us in, and you can almost hear the wild noises of birds, monkeys and insects, and the leaves and seed pods as they rustle, crack and drip with humidity. I wish there was a greater respect for trees and forests in this modern world, a great rewilding of the planet.


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