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Midnight Zone Original by Steffi Callaghan

Midnight Zone Original by Steffi Callaghan

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This photograph arose from an experimental way of working to create three dimensional paintings made from 8 layers of acrylic glass. The composition was inspired by shapes created by the movement of deep-sea creatures. 



  • I am inspired by the inaccessible, mysterious, and/or overlooked spaces of our world. I am particularly interested in those spaces and places that are at the edge of our scientific knowledge and how maps and geographical imagination can help us to understand them better.


    My current work Abyss, focuses on the deep-sea, inspired by the UN Decade of Ocean Science. I am intrigued by how we can sensitively engage with this mysterious and dark space and whether it can make us see our terrestrial spaces in a new light. My research has inspired the creation of abstract mixed-media paintings and digital artworks that take inspiration from the creatures that live within this dark world and from new mapping technologies that are gradually opening up this world to human understanding.


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