Lucy Jane MacAllister Dukes

Aluminium Foil



Mycelium Networks are like the neural networks of the planet. I’ve been using reclaimed foil to create 3D drawings that might look like nothing until you look closer, their thin delicacy makes them feel ephemeral, but foil will last for years, it’s the impressions that are transient and the patterns of connection and threads symbolise the entanglements between humans and other than humans. I’ve been thinking about these foil drawing as a relic of the Anthropocene, visualising the systems we are a part of that are invisible underground or in the microbiome. 



I’m an interdisciplinary artist currently studying an Ma in Art and Science. I have a background in philosophy, but I love to explore ideas physically and visually through colour and material. I’m fascinated by the patterns of connection the occur of different levels of observation from neural pathways in the brain, to mycelium networks, the internet and even patterns of light and dark matter throughout the universe. I share a studio with my mum, and our dog, and am continually inspired by the light and colours all around us., and the plants and creatures I meet when taking my pup for walks.

Mycelium Networks #1

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