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Nature V Nurture Original by Christina Wigmore

Nature V Nurture Original by Christina Wigmore

SKU: 036

Mixed media collage, knitted, stripped copper wire and bioplastic. 


How we grow as human beings is shaped by the people, we are close to and the environmental and social conditions we need to grow and develop. The age-old question of nature v nurture is explored in Christina’s mixed media collage.


Combining photos (a nostalgic family favourites of a child and her fondly remembered dress) and reclaimed and created natural materials (stripped and knitted copper wire trapped in bioplastic), the petri dish artwork aims to show we need both nature and nurture to sustain our being.


As the petri dish piece ages. It is likely the copper wire will change colour as it patinates through being trapped inside the bioplastic, just as people change and grow over time.



  • Taking inspiration from everyday objects that have been kept for sentimental, practical, or unexpected reasons, I aim to explore the joy of re-using and re-imagining materials, textiles, and objects that may otherwise have been discarded or put to the back of people’s minds. With a Punk and DIY sensibility of reusing, repurposing, and disrupting systems, my process involves building layers of imagery through collage and by shining light sources through everyday objects and deconstructing and reimagining them physically and digitally so that parts of them object can be reused, repurposed, or digitally transformed into new textile and surface design objects or projected as an alternative to physically printing a design on fabric.


    Nostalgic connections to objects and places offer opportunities to involve people in the design process and reflect on personal experiences and meaning. Textile and surface design products and commissions mix craft and heritage processes with new technology. Finding partnerships and collaborations to show work that tells a story in community and public spaces is a particular area of interest.



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