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No llores más Original by Aerovi Aerovi

No llores más Original by Aerovi Aerovi

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Mixed media collage (with my own photographs and embroidered duck canvass).


The aim of this artwork is to provide hope especially under current circumstances across the

globe. The collage is full of symbolism:

- Upwards, sky with sunbeams and the transcendental element of the hand.

- Downwards, the river of life where sometimes we feel like drowning.

- An almond shape surrounding the suffering person, made out with the photographs

of the bridge that crosses that river in reality. The almond shape represents the

feeling of cocooning and consolation, and also power to overcome problems, as

mandorlas in Romanic Pantocrator representations.

- Burned limits: as sometimes life burns like hell.

- The duck canvass is the key element of the piece, not only because it was the reason

for this project, but also because of the hand giving hope and love (the hearts), as

the two solutions for world problems. It is embroidered in green colour (the colour

of hope in Spanish tradition) and tainted in red wine with a transcendental sacred


- The collage is placed on a mirror, interacting with the viewer. If you feel reflected

(and going through a difficult situation), here you have the cloth of hope and comfort to dry your tears.


  • My name is Virginia, Aerovi Aerovi in the art world.

    I am a world citizen with Spanish DNA. I have formal education in Law and non-formal education

    in arts management, photography, drama and script-writing. I cooperate for several years with

    the Basu Foundation for the Arts from Calcutta (India) regarding art residencies.

    I am a multidisciplinary artist, but mainly focused in collage, photography, videoart, acting,

    writing and music.



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