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Not Yours x Original by Josie Carter

Not Yours x Original by Josie Carter

SKU: 032

Paper and thread


This piece is in response to the resurgence of the Reclaim the Streets campaign. The imagery is to show that men presume to touch woman, the text is from the woman’s perspective and saying that it is inappropriate. The reason why I thread in my work is because it was systematically a woman’s craft as well as for aesthetic reasons. The colours in this piece are consistent with the rest of my practice as I use pink ironically.


  • In my practice I make collages and embroider images, I use found images from fashion and film magazines. I combine these images by layering them on top of each other or removing sections from the photographs, I use found imagery because I want to show how women in magazines are viewed and change this to be from a woman’s point of view. I often use embroidery on images to give a more direct message. When I layer images, the piece can appear to look surreal, this is for aesthetic purposes as I haven’t subconsciously created a piece, but instead I have thought about the overall image in depth. Surrealism and collage are closely linked, and this is present in my practice because surreal imagery appeals to me and helps me convey a message or a point in my artwork. My work is about feminism and the female gaze, it also links to LGBTQIA+, gender themes and domesticity and how they relate to feminism. My work is about these topics because they apply to myself and there is still need for equality and equal representation, either that be in art itself or in a wider aspect. 


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