Chloe Smith

Acrylic paint on canvas



This artwork was created thinking about life and how it can feel like it is on a timer, not knowing when it will expire or run out. The shape being like an egg timer shows how life can sometimes feel squeezed. The green represents not only the new life growing, but also the natural world all around us with new shoots and lush growth. The connotations of growth are there to show what happens within the short or long time we have on this planet, and how we develop and flourish within that time frame. With swirling strokes showing our journey through our lifetime with bright colours to represent our enjoyment of it. However, life can also squeeze you tight with all of the day-to-day stresses and expectations which take their toll on you, pulling you in sometimes so tight you find it hard to breathe. Also, in a wider view the stress the world and planet is under by humans and the damage that can be done through our misuse of it. 



Having been a representational painter that was concerned with presenting the viewer with a resolved image; and aesthetic that disguised the underlying activity of a painting; I gradually became more interested in the steps taken towards an outcome and gained confidence in exhibiting the process of making a painting. Representation became redundant in my practice as the development of layered mark-making and colour combinations took priority and a non-objective visual language developed. Allowing the viewer to see the struggle within the work is important to me as the physicality of paint and surface replaces illusion.

Only Time Will Tell

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