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Paused Original by Meraki Vagery

Paused Original by Meraki Vagery

SKU: 032

Canvas. Organic matter. Paint. Thread.


I have spent the past year of lockdown and the pandemic working synergistically with a group of snails that I take very good care of.


The artwork is ethical and organic and a reflection of the invisible marks these tiny creatures leave on this world, that we humans, with our consumerist, fast paced existence, fail to even notice because we rarely take a moment to slow down and appreciate Mother Nature’s art.


  • Meraki Vagary is an interdisciplinary artist; challenging the boundaries of art, science and society using anthropological study and contemporary, fine art practices.

    Synergistic, nature-led and organic processes produce responses that juxtapose against the harsh reality of current human society; questioning our way of life and its materiality.


    Expressive and often vibrant outcomes, seamlessly fuse the natural world with modern art.

    Through 'The Art of Slowing Down' we are invited to reflect on our own self-awareness and take a moment to be calmer, exploring nature as a medium to reconnect to our ancient roots.



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