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Petri dish Project Softcover Book

Petri dish Project Softcover Book

SKU: PDP softcover


  • Avoid hanging your artwork or displaying your sculpture in direct sunlight, above a working fireplace, or in a damp or humid area.

    When cleaning, never use water or commercial cleaners - always use your high-quality, lint-free microfiber cloth dry, and handle the artwork with extreme care to avoid creating fingerprints, dents or creases. This is especially important for artworks without glazed fronts.

    Lighting which washes the walls of a room displays all paintings without damaging them with ultraviolet rays or direct heat from sunlight. Energy-saving bulbs or yellow light bulbs don't capture artworks to their full beauty.

    Sculpture should always be lit from eye level or above, never from below as while this may create momentary drama it will not do the work justice.

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