Participatory Workshop”

Thursday 8th July 2021 8pm-9pm


"As (Q + I), collaborative online projects have become increasingly important in our artistic practice, and we are currently curating, organising, and involved in a number of online collaborative projects. This way of working has been a recent shift in artistic practice and seems to be opening up a lot of possibilities regarding transference of ideas/ concepts and methods of working.Our projects are interested in how ideas permeate the consciousness - how can artworks be documented and understood simultaneously? As well as how that looks visually, wishing to document the event of transference, connection and layering. Our work as artists has been in the realm of event based performances, mostly they are fixed into short durations. This has allowed for an exploration of language; and how and why we communicate. A lot of our work has been centred around words, how we understand and use words. Exploring the limits of that has opened up multiple conversations. We conceive of a space in which the public can build their own narrative (either in a physical space, or a virtual space), and feel the ability to respond to artworks in any way they wish, to enable the expansion and extension of artworks.Collectively we have had over four decades of coordinating and organising collaborative art and education projects in Europe, America and Australia."



Q+I Collaborative Workshop