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Rewilding Nature 3 Original by Claire Harrison

Rewilding Nature 3 Original by Claire Harrison



Oil on board


Arches and tree branches intertwine in this oil painting, and looming in the distance is a face screaming.  This face I dreamt, a culmination of the frustration of the outbreak of war in Europe.  At a time when humanity faces its greatest challenge, climate change, I am distraught to think that some areas of the world are at war.  We have recently survived a pandemic, now is a time to pull together in solidarity and survival.  Instead, areas of the world are fighting, not only causing further tragedy upon human lives, but nature too and the use of weapons are merely adding to the climate crisis.   The situation deeply saddens and frustrates me, which is why I dreamt my screaming face.  He is not to be feared, but more a representation of my fear for humanities long term survival. 


This oil painting took me over a year to complete, as I added layers of thin oil paint and intricate details.

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