Aziz Anzabi

Acrylic on canvas



In this work I tried to show the pandemic and the consequences it has had on the different members of society. I have used cold colours to portray people’s feelings during lockdown and the cycle they are trapped in. By using different people, I show that a variety of people from different backgrounds, age groups and genders are affected by this problem. The pandemic is illustrated in a petri dish to illustrate the negativity of the pandemic.



My base technique to create artworks is using real life natural events to create artworks with images or words from an imaginary world. I have long been intrigued and fascinated by these concepts. In my sculptures and painting, both figurative and abstract, I employ these aspects of a collective unconscious to evoke an emotional state within the viewer. My ultimate goal is to have the viewer feel a sense of familiarity with the work… a sense of having experienced this before. I believe this feeling of arises from both the collective unconscious and a mystical centre we all share.


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  • All petri dishes will not be released for shipping until after the Petri Dish Project physical exhibition. If you would like it before then please contact for arrangements.