Emily Rose Parris

Cyanotype on sea lettuce



This petri dish holds a piece of sea lettuce which forms part of a wider exploration into developing methods of environmentally conscious photographic image making.


Sea lettuce (aka Ulva Lactuca) is a nutrient rich, viable and commonly distributed algae found along the rock shores globally. It’s just 2 cells thick and resembles a sheet of plastic. It’s resilient and fragile in equal measures.


This sea lettuce was collected during a morning swim at Emily’s home, Westgate on Sea. It was dried, coated with cyanotype solution and exposed to sunlight using a fern collected in Emily’s courtyard.


This artwork opened the door to the possibilities of using sea lettuce as a substitute to create a negative using ecological methods, reducing the reliance on toxic chemicals.



Emily Rose Parris is an artist and arts educator based on the Kent coast at Westgate on Sea. Emily’s practice is process lead, exploring and pushing the boundaries of working with analogue light sensitive mediums to explore place and time.


Emily engages in durational methods of image making by engaging in embodies experiences, such as walking and observation to develop a deeper understanding of our environments and the spaces we inhabit.


Emily explores and marks time within her practice by her explorative use of analogue photographic processes where time is embedded in the image making process. Emily is passionate about thoughtful creativity within an environmentally conscious method of working by reducing creative waste, removing, and replacing toxic chemicals with eco-friendly processes, and reusing misprints.


In 2015, Emily founded The Darkroom at Beach Creative, a community black and white darkroom based in Herne Bay. Here, Emily invites everyone to begin or continue their photographic journey by running workshops and courses. Emily also works closely with community organisations, schools and universities (such as University for the Creative Arts and The Photographers Gallery Develop youth programme) to deliver exciting educational and inspiring workshops to people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.






Sea Lettuce

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