Danae Ghost

Sweet wrappers, paper, broken glass, beads, thread, wire, shepherd’s purse, bread, resin



The title is from a Rumi saying where cleverness is mere opinion, and bewilderment is true vision.


Humans pollute and destroy this world with their ‘cleverness’, and I have used waste materials to make this piece.


I wanted to explore the fragility of monuments and the tenacity of Nature, which became apparent in lockdown as plants started to grow through the pavement cracks and buildings remained idle and redundant; and the ant just carried on.




I was formally a figurative artist, painting expressive narratives as a form of therapeutic communication; but recently I have been interested in geometry through the love of art and mathematics.


It has always excited me that geometry and number sequences are found in nature, but that its practical application in human made. It feels like a natural dialogue between mortals and the divine, and its patterns communicate in a subliminal way with our essence. It has enabled me to make calmness and sense out of the seeming chaos of the present world.


Whatever medium or discipline I use, my artistic practice is always driven by colour and light, and the notion of peering- either out into the world, or into other people’s worlds, being an observer or a documenter; telling the small stories whilst eliciting a hum of delight and concentration rom my subconscious creative self.



Sell Your Cleverness and Buy Bewilderment

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