Kelly Briggs

Gold leaf, ink, laser cut acrylic circles



When looking closely into a petri dish we see cells, then realise that there is a whole world inside those cells. The gold signifies the sacred and the sublime that we are searching for. When I say “we” I mean artists, scientists- all people. Perhaps this is religion for some people, perhaps music or simply being in nature. But for all of us there is a longing for reaching out and connecting to something bigger.



Kelly Briggs is a multi-disciplinary artist and researcher currently studying Ma Art and Science at Central Saint Martins. Her studio is based at Cambridge Artworks where she works on large scale paintings and mixed media pieces. Briggs is intrigued with the concept of “Biophilia”- the human drive to connect with nature. She uses her art as a catalyst to explore this connection.

Small But Close, Big But Far Away

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