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Tenacity Original by Vicki Salmi

Tenacity Original by Vicki Salmi

SKU: 001

Mixed Media (Acrylic/Pastel/Textile)


This is work is two sided. One was made from the other. You may not see both and that doesn’t matter because beneath both, are hidden layers and neither could exist without the others. Both sides are the outcome of spontaneous mark making and monoprinting and then a conscious attempt to control and fix with text and thread until time runs out, but one is where chaos reigns. The size of the canvas has had a direct effect on this and if I had been given a larger size to work with it would likely have been the other.


  • I consider myself a self-taught working-class artist although I am currently undertaking a BA in Fine Art as mature student after finally being able to pursue an artistic career instead of a lifetime of paper pushing in unfulfilling bureaucratic office jobs. I am a mixed media artist working in both 2D and 3D, mostly painting, collage, print and textiles with an expressionistic abstract aesthetic. My practice is focussed round the freedom of chance and failure, chaos and order and the act of creating is a compulsion and the driving force where making something becomes the material for something else.


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