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The perfect balance Original by Ruth Stirton

The perfect balance Original by Ruth Stirton

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This piece is another in my growing collecting of ‘bipolar art’. Red represents the manic phase of the condition, and blue represents the depressive phase. The dark corners highlight the danger that comes at the extremes of either phase when control is lost. The aim for any holistic treatment regime – medication, therapy, exercise, art – is to hit that perfect balance, the sweet spot where changes in mood are less extreme and more understandable. This takes time and energy, and hope.


  • Ruth Stirton is an emerging artist and fine art photographer, based in East Sussex, UK. She has bipolar disorder, and much of her art is affected and inspired by her changing moods. She is inspired by the power of the sea and the coastal landscape. Her first photography exhibition captured fleeting moments around the coastal seascape highlighting the intangibility of human experiences. The content of her art is more variable in nature, but she often returns to the sea for inspiration.


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