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The Window: My Little Life Original by Olga Goldina Hirsch

The Window: My Little Life Original by Olga Goldina Hirsch

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Mixed media (black gesso, acrylic pant, oil pastel, printing) on primed canvas 10x10 cm


As I child I was drawn to the empty space within a picture. Years later, I realised that it is not ‘empty’ but ‘open’ space. It is a void into which I may pour my thoughts, my memories, my imagination, my story, my philosophy and my personality. I use the colour white to depict this void – it is essential to the theory of my work. This void - my space ‘by the window’ may be viewed in terms of non-Euclidean geometry. It is limitless and eternal, a metaphor for multidimensionality and the nonlinearity of space and time. This is not merely a compositional element, but an important part of the philosophy of the work. In my recent work, I open my ‘black square’ step by step to claim my territory or space in the void. This space is subjective, elusive and filled with visual distortions. Within the ‘window’ I share my thoughts upon the meaning of life. Through soft and light layers of paint, viewers may

immerse themselves fragments and suggestions of my memories and drawings. In my ‘open space’ there are no restrictions. Only as my brush touches the canvas, quite magically, do my thoughts and feelings begin to take form.


  • My name is Olga Goldina Hirsch, I am a British artist was born in Moscow, Russia.


    Since I moved to London ten years ago I have been building my professional career in Art and I got a Master degree in Fine Art graduated from City and London of Art School, Birmingham University, London in 2018.


    At the present time I continue to develop my artistic and professional skills as a painter and an illustrator: participate at the group exhibitions in London and in Italy, collaborate with Art Galleries, visit Art Conferences and get a place in the Art Residency in Tokyo and Athens. My solo virtual exhibition is taking place now under the curation of London Art Number 23 gallery.My works are in Copelouzos Family Art Museum Catalogue, Athens and in privatecollections in England, France, Italy, Canada and Russia. My work “Who Am I?” wasincluded to the catalogue of Le Salon der Artistes Francais, 2021. My work presented by Art Number 23 Gallery, London and I-Gallery, Intelligence, Paris. I am a member of Taylor Foundation, Paris, France from 2021 and The International Association of Visual Arts, IAVA, Italy (2020).Some of my work was published recently in Art Magazines and in Art Books. I am writing short stories and assays in Russian and the assay about my grandfather was published recently as a epilogue to his republished novel.


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